Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee bean extract comes from unroasted green coffee beans. It is widely used as a food supplement for weight loss management. It gained popularity when it was featured in The Dr. Oz Show. Afterwards, it was commercially marketed as Svetol under the company, Berkem and it also became the active ingredient of some other weight loss products like CoffeeSlender.

Because coffee is part of the lives of almost every people in the world, it is not long before green coffee bean extract also became popular among health buffs.

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Before taking any green coffee bean extract supplement, thorough research on the product must be done to avoid complications after consuming. It must be noted first that thought there are studies showing that green coffee bean indeed helps in weight, evidence is still lacking regarding its mechanism on the molecular level. Otherwise, one must practice the utmost care when taking the supplement.

Always check the labels to verify the credibility of the products. Nowadays, bogus product distributors are rampant and fake manufactured goods may contain substances that are harmful to the body.

Follow the suggested dosage. Dosages are computed and suggested because there is a limit to the amount of any substance that can be taken by the body.

Be wary of side effects. When taking food supplements, manifestation of any side effects must be observed and consultation to a medical professional must be considered rightaway.

Continue working out. Weight loss cannot be achieved by just taking any supplements. Proper diet and exercise still play a great role in achieving success in losing weight.